Ikigai is an operational BI platform that helps you navigate towards business objectives through augmented actions. As the only commercially available product built upon the cutting-edge MIT research on AI and machine learning, Ikigai is uniquely positioned to help operational teams improve the speed and accuracy of their decisions under uncertainty and constant change, ultimately increasing the ROI for their business. As a cloud-native single platform, Ikigai seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack and stitches together any data sources to streamline end-to-end data-driven processes, combining data analytics, visualizations, and automation with its unique technology, such as data reconciliation (DeepMatchTM) or multivariant time series forecasting, and making them accessible for any data professional. Ikigai's top use cases include: - Financial reconciliations (i.e., payments / accounts receivables / payables, claims auditing, customer identity) - Supply chain forecasting (i.e., demand planning, sales forecasting, cash-flow forecasting) - Operations optimization / what-if analysis via reinforcement learning (i.e., production planning, cash optimization, sales recommendations).

Ikigai Labs

The only operational BI platform that turns actionable insights into insightful actions.